Parasols For The Modern Woman

The Perfect Parasol

“Spin the parasol three times and repeat after me: I shield in the name of fashion. I accessorize for one and all. Pursuit of truth is my passion. This I vow by the great parasol.” 

― Gail Carriger, Heartless

History of parasol reaches much further back than those of umbrella. Discovered countless millennia ago parasol finally evolved into modern form around 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt, Assyria and China. Because of their high cost and limited manufacture, parasols of that early age were almost exclusively used by nobility, royalty and clergy, symbolizing wealth and power. Another very important cause of parasols popularity was fashion, which often demanded that rulers and nobility carry pale skin that was not tanned by sun (a tradition that survives even until today in Japan, where pale skin is regarded as one of the most important factors of female beauty).


As the concerns of potentially harmful UV radiation slowly became more apparent in modern times the black parasol or white umbrella and health concerns have slowly enabled resurgence of parasols.  At Bella Umbrella we have noticed that every year our customers  are asking for sun protection in due to concerns of skin health.  Gaining popularity all across the world. 

Also the wedding industry has given the parasol a huge resurgence because of their beauty and elegance that adds the extra touch to a beautiful gal in a beautiful dress with a beautiful vintage Bella Umbrella!

Our very own Vintage Rental Umbrella Stylist had her own experience using her parasol for protection.  "I am  more aware of how women may have not only viewed their parasol as an accessory but also a weapon. This reminded me of when I spent 9 weeks in the Dominican Republic. I was with a friend coming home later than we had anticipated and ended up getting mugged. I had my parasol with me and tried beating them off with it - I broke it over his head!"

Krista with said Parasol used in mugging attack

Krista with said Parasol used in mugging attack

Reese Witherspoon LOVES Our Umbrellas!!

Reese Witherspoon – Harper's Bazaar Magazine (February 2016) | Bella Umbrella

Reese Witherspoon LOVES Bella Umbrella!!  She specifically asked for our umbrellas for her photo shoot that is being featured in the February 2016 Harper's Bazaar Magazine ... we LOVE Reese and it means the world to us that she loves us back!!

XO~ The Bella Umbrella Stylists

Reese Witherspoon – Harper's Bazaar Magazine (February 2016)