Style Me Bella Umbrella

We love umbrellas and are passionate about putting together collections that will make our clients happy!  We consider ourselves 'umbrella stylists' and would love to put together the perfect Bella Umbrella Bundle for you!

Here's how the process works:

  1. We collect information from you that will give us some direction about the style or 'theme' you are going for.
  2. We create a bundle specifically for you that we know you will love based on the criteria we received.
  3. We reserve your Bella Umbrella bundle for the dates you need them by taking a nonrefundable retainer that will equal to half of your order cost.
  4. You relax and anticipate opening your special Bella Umbrella bundle when it arrives at your door!


We structure our pricing by singles or by bundles.  If you rent 1-4 umbrellas they are $25 per umbrella rental.  If you rent 5 umbrellas or more they are $20 each. If you rent the Umbrella Wall it is $200 for everything - from the frame and umbrellas to the rope and weights.